The hardest thing about friendships= the goodbyes

This week I have the misfortune of saying goodbye to two amazing women.
The second human I met in 3B. She loves eggs, sweet potatoes and ice cream (my soul sister) She is open, brave and strong. She gives the best hugs and creates the best snap chat stories. I have never seen a woman so good at practicing self-love. Thank you for inviting me into your life and being my friend. I am already missing your Facebook messages asking if I have any chips and salsa, oatmeal, or bananas to satisfy your cravings. I’m already missing your hugs. One month of time with you is to short!
Xristina-I know few girls who WILLINGLY participate in my INCREDIBLY brilliant ideas. This girl however, readily throws on her swimsuit and boots to run outside in negative degrees and throw a snowball at my back. I love it!
She is feisty, smart and sassy. Her shoe collection is unbelievable (in the best way) She celebrates, feels and encourages without abandon. She’s a world changer and I can’t wait to see where life takes her! Thanks for making me feel so at home my friend!


Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

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