Commutes, Kaffe and Swedish rap

IMG_8273.PNGWell…it happened. A few mornings ago I caught the wrong train, distracted by an academic article (thrilling, I know.) I ended up heading back in the direction of home. Crap.

By the time I realized my mistake we had traveled back several stops, lengthening my typical 1:30 hour commute to 2 hours. There was no better way to diminish my cocky confidence in navigating the train-train-bus process like a Swede.

Thankfully, I was only 4 minutes late to the first patient appointment. I’ve never been more grateful for the laid-back Swedish attitude and the even more laid-back and gracious personality of my instructor who greeted me with a cup of coffee.

I cannot believe there is only one week left till I transition to my next rotation (I hear I will be in nursing home but no information yet) I have had the best possible first abroad rotation. The private practice is situated inside a gym and Tennis training center where EVERYONE has made me feel welcomed and accepted. I will say this many times, but I believe I have met EVERY exception to the “polite-yet-reserved” Swedish stereotype.

I will miss this place.

I will miss these people.

On the potential bright side, I don’t think Stockholm is big enough to have a longer commute. Hopefully, my next one will be a bit shorter. That is all.

–Written on my commute while listening to the Swedish rap Spotify playlist a patient graciously made my CI and I 👌


Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

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