The roomie.

Wietske. (Pronounced kinda like “Veet-skah”)

The roomie.
I’m a big fan of this girl already and my fondness continually grows even though we don’t see each other all the time. When I do see her, I try my best to remember to compliment her smarts and humor for they are quite worthy of praise. Case in point- 5 seconds after we met she showed me a photo book her friends had made of goofy pictures of herself. I can’t think of a better introduction.

Her chill balances my excitement. Her logic and reasoning balances my irrational and sporadic. Her love for kaffe and tea surpasses my own. She is the ultimate cool and puts up with me and my love for vacuuming (no easy task) She also has scissors when I need to cut things out of my hair (and give myself an accidental haircut)

Wietske may not be down for a swimsuit snowball fight (Yes, this happened. Yes Mom, it was my idea) but she is down to play “sardines” in the scary basement with old hospital beds, a morgue and a bike hooked up to a sewing machine. 👍

She is always up to visit a museum, always up for a movie and always up to welcome a new friend. There are few kinder people than she. Her presence helps create the essence of the 3B corridor: friendly, welcoming, always-playing-music-in-the-only-clean kitchen.

Her dance moves are superb. Her cooking skills are on par. Finally, she gives me a more hopeful perspective every time I start fretting for my country’s future. Did I mention she plays the bass and cello?



Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

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