As my family and friends back in America have already realized, I am having a hard time staying on top of communication. For those that are interested in hearing about my life here in Sweden, I figured a blog post would be the easiest way for me to communicate.

Friends. I like to think all experiences in life are made exponentially better or worse by the human interactions we have. Thankfully, throughout all of my travels I have made at least one incredible friend and met loads of incredible people in each place.

I’d like to tell you about them!

Gio is a tiger. She is fiercely independent, driven, loyal, compassionate, open-minded, spirited and magnificent. She is strong, intelligent and beautiful from the inside out. Gio was the first friend I made in Sweden. She met me at the central station when I arrived with a highlighted map of Stockholm. She helped me get my SL (public transit) card and graciously lugged one of my bags all the way to my new home! Her welcoming smile and kindness went above and beyond what was necessary. She checks in with me throughout the week and introduces me to all her friends (and willingly comes out to meet mine!) There is no better person to dance the night away with๐Ÿ’ƒ

Last Friday I texted her with a heavy heart of news from back home. Her immediate response, asking me to hang out that night for some much needed distraction, meant the world. Sometimes pizza and friendship is the perfect recipe to cheer up a sad heart.

I can’t wait to celebrate when she wins a Nobel prize one day for her work with infectious diseases. Till then, I am content blocking creepy guys from dancing with her (they literally clap ๐Ÿ‘ behind her ๐Ÿ˜‚) and marching for women’s rights alongside her.


Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

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