It happened.

img_5449I don’t cry often– almost never. Even more rare are the times I have cried in public–previously I could only recall 5 instances. Today makes 6. When I looked at my phone and saw the notification my goal of clean water for 200 individuals HAPPENED–floodgates opened up. I mentioned I was in a public place, but let me provide context. There happened to be a guy in either side of me during this reaction ( and many more in my vicinity.) I’m fairly certain they assumed something tragic was happening in my life-a death or break-up perhaps. One kept giving me sympathetic looks, the other stared quite openly in disbelief and scooted a little farther away. I didn’t care. Slowly the tears dried up, replaced with a giddy grin I just haven’t been able to shake off since.

It happened!!

155 individuals came together and donated their resources for strangers across the globe–strangers they most likely will never meet. 200 individuals are no longer included in the devastating statistic of 600 million living without access to the most basic of necessities (598 million actually thanks to the combined efforts of Team World Vision’s Chicago marathon team!)

Clean water.

It seems so basic, my reality has never lacked access to copious amounts of it. It’s hard to relate to the millions without–it’s hard to RECOGNIZE there are millions living without. Their stories don’t seem to make the newsroom cut. They exist however, and they MATTER.

I’m forever grateful for the selfless generosity and compassion so many have shown to help this often forgotten population. I’m so grateful for the awareness that is spreading ABOUT this population and the clean water crisis. I am looking forward to continuing to take on goals to shut this crisis down. Marathon #3 is already in the work….Boston ’17 here I come! Goal-clean water for 100 more individuals! #cleanwaterforall #teamworldvision #marathontraining


Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

1 thought on “It happened.”

  1. Leah, You are such a selfless, inspiring, funny, kind-hearted, loving person. I never doubted for a minute that through your wisdom and compassion so many would be compelled to help you reach your goal. Way to go girl, keep running for water!! All my love to you, Kelli


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