• Moving. Is not fun. The process began last week with packing before finally climaxing this past Monday. Beginning at 4:58am and ending at 11pm, I fell onto a sheetless bed after a hectic day consisting of a training run, clinical’s, and three U-haul trips. Juggling the responsibilities of being an adult can be stressful at times. This is one such time. As I attempted to plan ahead last week I grew overwhelmed. When was I going to have time to unpack? When would I have time to train? Thinking about waking up for 6am patient slots was stressful for me in itself.
  • You want to know something? I (we rather) did it. I survived. Time arrived when I least expected it and priorities were rearranged accordingly. As my heartbeat slowly calmed down Tuesday evening, a revelation came to mind. God WILL provide. To be honest, I’ve had this revelation several times but I always seemed to forget it when life becomes hectic. As I walked to my clinical Wednesday morning with the Sunrise flowing through the windows, I had an incredible urge to breathe deeply, slowly. God had come through. We were able to move everything in on Monday and I gained a new friend through the process. My room was still filled with unpacked boxes, but little by little I have been able to begin the overwhelming process of moving in. Fitting in training has been tough, but I’ve been able to keep up. Sleeping is short and interrupted, but I have energy throughout the day. And four individuals received clean water so far this week. I am blessed. I am provided for. I am so grateful my Father above has what sometimes appears to be a topsy-turvy world in His hands. So I can breathe. Are you feeling stressed? Discouraged? Take a minute and just exhale. It’s going to be ok. This season is just a season and will end. Don’t forget God is there, ready to hold your hand

Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

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