An honest thought

In my last post I talked about breathing. We often ignore this powerful exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxid–until that is, a moment occurs. I mentioned a recent moment of knee pain, when my attention returned back to basic physiological processes to help me maintain composure. Other examples of moments scale the spectrum from delightful, to thrilling, to gripping, to sorrowful, to enraging. The past month the world’s attention has closed even more closely into the stories flashed about on TV screens and social media newsfeeds. In the past month we have all felt moments in some way, shape or form. We have all been reminded of the pulse of our heartbeats, the rhythm of respiration in our lungs as we grapple with emotions surrounding the seemingly never ending succession of tragedy.
In the past month entire communities have been singled out, ridiculed, attacked. Black, blue, rainbow and religiously covered blood has been spilled in the name of justice or “duty” but the true undertones ring of hatred, vengeance, fear. Our world is broken, our cities are crippled by the ignorance, hatred and lack of appreciation of the reality each life is PRECIOUS. 
The truth is we are all different. From the lifestyle we choose, the beliefs we value, the uniforms we wear, the texture of our hair, the shape of our eyes, the span of our hips, the pigmentation of our skin–WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Somewhere along the way we have stopped appreciating the colorful attributes of diversity. Somewhere along the way we forgot each of our uniqueness was divinely designed. 
Underneath all of our differences lays the similarity that we are all creates to BE loved and TO love. These INHERENT truths level whatever playing field we allow societal values of worth rank up. May we never grow so preoccupied with comparing our differences that we lose sight of the fact each of our hearts pulsate blood through our bodies roughly 80-100beats per minute. May we never forget each set of lungs exchanges oxygen 16-20 times a minute. 
This societal attitude of discrimination and indifference cannot change unless WE do. In order to change we need to consciously examine the emotions of our hearts and thoughts of our minds to realize our own prejudices preventing us from valuing the life of another. I have spent sometime this past week examining myself and am quite disturbed by my judgements of others in my soul. It’s embarrassing. It’s discouraging. Change is not possible without honesty however, and so I would like to share with you my prejudices and apologize for my thoughts and actions.  
I am sorry for playing into the belief that I must be alert and cave into anxiety when an individual dressed a certain way sits down next to me on a plane. That is wrong. The truth is, this ethnic and religious community practices teachings of love, kindness and generosity- a far cry from the radical mindset of torture and terror I am guilty of assuming about them. 
I am sorry that I assume stories of selfishness, conceitedness, and general horribleness on individuals who carry themselves with cocky, materialistic airs. I, myself, am a prideful person and have been selfish and horrible on multiple occasions. My negative assumption of you leaves me guilty of cocky, conceited airs. While we may have different priorities and definitions of success, I should not make accusations of your character without getting to know you. And regardless if you are cocky or not, I should concern myself with looking for the incredibly cool parts I can appreciate about you.
 I am sorry for judging individuals who struggle to love, accept and appreciate individuals with any disabilities on the physical, emotional, mental and cognitive spectrums. Just as I struggle to appreciate the overly confident, ego-centric personality-type populations, so must I also recognize others struggle to appreciate certain populations. That being said, just as I am going on a hunt to appreciate the uniqueness of the populations I struggle with, I urge you to look for the beauty in this population. I don’t think you will have to search for long. 
We are all imperfect humans with individually awesome characteristics. Time to embrace that truth.


Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

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