125 days until the 2016 Chicago Marathon. 18 weeks of blood, sweat and tears as runners from all over the world begin the rigorous training in preparation for race day. Hundreds of training miles, divided roughly between 63-70 runs and 18-24 cross training activities stand between the “current” me, and the “race-day-ready” me. As I laced up my running shoes earlier today along with the millions joining me on October 9th, I was filled with all kinds of emotion. I am intimidated. I am exhilarated. I am hopeful
125 days of anticipation
While thinking about the hours, sweat, and potential for injuries stirs up waves of anxiety, I am calmed by the realization that my purpose in this race is so much bigger than my performance on October 9th. Heck! I may have to crawl across that finish line! Regardless of how I finish however, I can be nothing but grateful as long as individuals receive access to clean water.

This marathon season my commitment to training extends far beyond the physical aspects. I am pushing myself outside of my comfort zone spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally because I believe in helping the forgotten, the left out. So for the next 125 days and beyond I will run, write, sweat, train and ask–because everyone deserves clean water. Because clean water changes lives. Because clean water SAVES lives.

How are you pushing yourself to change the world?


Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

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