A change

Have you everlooked at the News app on iPads? I discovered it for the first time last week. Every day news stories are picked based off my interests and so far I’m really impressed! This past week an article was posted about a woman who found body confidence after running 21 half marathons. It was inspiring to read how her appreciation for her body grew, realizing its capability to tackle such a feat and carry her through race after race. I loved reading how her vocabulary choice changed throughout the article, chronicling her mindset transformation. 
For me, running did not begin as a positive outlet. I was driven by the fantasy of being untouchable, invincible, unhurtable. The need to feel safe, to feel free, to feel alive made me push the pace daily—and eventually, running and my running performance consumed my life and identity. One of the coolest things about my journey back to running last year was recognizing my own inner growth and renewed mindset for how I was designed. It was impowering to finish a run and feel satisfied. It felt good to use my muscles, pump my heart and exchange a larger volume of oxygen but no longer were my runs sending me down a spiral of self-condemnation, fear or discontent. As in all areas of my life, I am not a perfect runner. I am grateful for my body’s capabilities, yet am able to recognize that I am not defined by my performance or speed. I am not invincible, untouchable, unhurtable. I am strong. I am undefinable. I am safe in the arms of Jesus. So are you.

My transformation from a toxic combination of pride, pain, perfectionism, self hate and addiction is radical and only by the grace of God. I am continually blessed and amazed at how God is redeeming my story, redeeming my love for running. I have talent and two feet of which I am passionate about using to help others. Every day, millions of women and children begin a trek for daily water. Their journey is dangerous, they are vulnerable, unprotected. Through clean water however, we can take away this daily chore, and help them feel a bit safer. So I’m gonna run a marathon. And I would love your support! 200 people. Clean water. Let’s go!


Ps-here’s the link to the article I mentioned! “After 21 Half Marathons I FINALLY Loved My Body – Women’s Running” https://apple.news/AOysEx1zVMWOoJHhcRzmXGA


Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

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