tired but persevering.

I’m tired. Honestly—I’m pretty bone dead tired. Life has been just a tad bit hectic the past 2 1/2months–travel, school, new opportunities, work, birthdays, grant programs, research presentations, base training for the marathon, Tough Mudders and CLINICALS. Fortunately, I have the luxury of being able to spend part of this upcoming week rejuvenating myself with friends, fun and catching up on sleep. Unfortunately, my opportune life is far from ordinary in comparison to existence world-wide. While I have the freedom to sleep in, stay up late, and wake up early with the majority of consequences of such falling on my shoulder–others must NOT sleep in, MUST stay up late, and MUST wake up early. The consequences of failing to do so possibly costing the lives of their loved ones.

Every day, typically before dawn, thousands of women and children begin a trek to the nearest source of clean water. Without the daily supply, family members succumb to dehydration, disease and death. From my fortunate viewpoint–I cannot begin to understand the physical, mental and emotional toil of the burden of this daily chore. I do however, commit my time, energy, physical and mental strength to helping end the clean water crisis and eliminate this dangerous daily task.

Team World Vision. Sustainable clean water projects. Community advancement. Lives saved. Will you consider investing in this cause? Will you help us make a difference? 50 dollars=1 individual provided with clean water for life. Let’s do this!



Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

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