The water crisis is killing. But it does not have to.


Lack of clean water is the #1 cause of death worldwide. Statistics from most regions of the world report 50% of children under the age of 5 will die from lack of clean water. A LACK OF CLEAN WATER. The average distance an individual across the globe must travel to obtain clean water is 6 kilometers, roughly 3.76 miles ONE WAY. The average weight of a full water jug is 40 lbs. Typically, the women and children of the household are assigned this daily chore. Fetching water is physically demanding, but the real terror of the daily task are the shadows lurking in the morning and evening light. The journey for water is a vulnerable time for water fetchers, and the #1 source of slavery and trafficking worldwide. Picture it. A young child waking up before sunrise, trekking through remote areas. Realizing their chore is necessary for their family to live, they do not have a choice but to swallow their fear and tired muscles. This morning I woke up to my alarm, drank some coffee and got ready for school. I did not fear the water in my coffee maker would make me sick. I was not scared of the possibility that at 9 in the morning, on a busy street, in a safe neighborhood I may be kidnapped, raped or killed.

In this age of science and technology, it seems rather anti-climatic that the majority of mortality is claimed by a basic necessity I take for granted every day.

For the past decade, Team World Vision (TWV) has been dedicated to eliminating the clean water crisis. In fact, through TWV efforts a new individual is provided with access to clean water every 30 seconds. Working with native engineers and community leaders, TWV water projects are more than just water wells. Depending on the geography and community needs, unique, sustainable and comprehensive water projects are developed along with sanitation and hygiene community education. HOW COOL!

And so I will run. For though I may not be able to relieve the inequality or injustice in this world, I CAN RUN. And through this ability I have the opportunity to tangibly improve the lives of others, TO SAVE the lives of others. I refuse to be discouraged by the many troubles in this world because I CAN make a DIFFERENCE RIGHT NOW. And I refuse to wait. Because no child should fear the consequences of a sip of unclean water, no child should daily face the vulnerability of being attacked. Because every child deserves clean water.


Author: runwaterlife

Team World Vision Marathoner.

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